The COVID-19 Vaccination report shows the vaccination status of the general population at your practice.

With the latest update to the recommendations for the Astra Zeneca vaccine our report will need to be filtered to exclude anyone younger than 60 years, regardless of their underlying medical conditions. Please use the general filter to filter for patients aged 60 and older:

General Tab

In the 'General' tab all patients are shown in a doughnut chart with the following disaggregation:

  • Dose 1 Categories
    • Dose 1 Astrazeneca (Vaxzevria) 
    • Dose 1 Pfizer (Comirnaty)
    • Dose 1 Moderna (Spikevax)
    • Dose 1 Unknown
  • Dose 2 Categories
    • Dose 2 Astrazeneca (Vaxzevria)
    • Dose 2 Pfizer (Comirnaty)
    • Dose 2 Moderna (Spikevax)
    • Dose 2 Unknown
  • Declined 
  • Not Recorded

Please note that we rely on the vaccine sequence entered in your patient records to determine how many doses a patient as received. To ensure accurate reporting make sure your records contain the correct vaccine sequence number, regardless if you record a vaccine given elsewhere or at your clinic.

Below are the inclusion criteria for each category,

  • Dose 1 Categories include patient population who have had received at one vaccine dose
  • Dose 2 Categories include patient population who have received at least two doses
  • The 'Declined' category includes patients who declined the vaccination. This feature is currently only available for Medical Director users.

Footnote: COVID-19 Vaccine eligibility/choice is at the discretion of the service provider and participants. Please check the Department of Health current guidelines at

The Patient Reidentification report shows details on the dose:

Please note that this report will also show the number of vaccines received and patients with more than 2 vaccines will be listed with the sequence number of their vaccine. This means you will be able to identify patients with 3 or more shots by exporting this report to MS Excel and apply further filtering.