Recipe Name:

Identify Indigenous patients over 50 yrs of age with two or more chronic conditions.


Indigenous patients are at higher risk of chronic conditions and for Covid-19. This recipe will show you how to identify your high risk indigenous patients.


Indigenous patients over 50 yrs of age with two or more chronic conditions.

Recipe Limitations:

 This report relies on the patient ethnicity being coded correctly in the patient record.

CAT Starting Point:

  1. CAT Open - CAT4 view (all reports) loaded
  2. Population Extract Loaded and Extract Pane "Hidden"

This recipe is an example on how to find Indigenous patients at particular high risk. Based on current recommendations all indigenous patients over 50 are at increased risk, so you can also use the first step in the recipe below to find anyone indigenous over 50.

CAT4 starting point

Filter Steps:

  • On the "General" tab, entre the Start Age = 50

  • On the "Ethnicity" tab, select Indigenous check box.

  • Click "Recalculate"

The step below allows you to further narrow your search for only those patients who have two or more chronic conditions. Based on current recommendations all indigenous patients over the age of 50 are at higher risk.

Report Steps

  • Click on the 'Co-morbidities' report tab.
  • Select the graph slice with 2 and/or more categories.

  • Click 'Worksheet' to see the list of patients selected

  • Optional, to add the assigned providers to your patient list open the 'Visits' tab and select the 'Assigned Providers' report tab and tick 'Select All'

  • Click 'Report' to add the assigned providers to your list of patients

For more information on Cross Tabulation - Next Level Reporting visit our website on

Using Recall CAT in Recipes

Optional: Use Recall CAT SMS and voice messages for patient recall

Full details are here: Recall CAT

After you have applied one or more filters and/or cross tabulations and have selected the group of patients of interest, you will see the choices for SMS Recall and other options at the bottom of the patient re-identification report. This can be applied to all of our CAT Recipes or any custom search you want to perform.

CAT Starting Point:
The Patient Reidentification window displays your list of filtered patients

Customising Steps

You can refine the selection manually by clicking the 'Refine Selection' button.

If you click on "SMS Recall", the "SMS Recall" window will be displayed with the name of your clinic. Enter a message that relates to the purpose of the notification. There are a number of options under the inclusion criteria:

  • Patients who have opted out of receiving SMS from your clinic are removed by default
  • Linking your online booking system to the SMS recall
  • Include the opt-out message in the SMS for patient to "STOP" receiving SMS notifications sent through CAT4

Clicking on "Send" will send the message to all patients with a valid mobile phone number in their record. A confirmation message will prompt you with the number of messages to be sent and the required credits. Click yes to send the SMS recall.

After sending a SMS or Voice Message you will see a message like this one (for SMS)

For full details on the prompt history, click on 'Prompts' and select 'SMS and Voicemail'

Recall CAT - Message History: