The Diabetes SIP graph is not automatically filtered by the patients with Diabetes.
To review your Diabetes SIP items you need to first filter on Condition = Diabetes.
The filtering is not done automatically as some of the items may be of interest for the wider patient population eg. CHD patients who have not had a BP in the past 6 mths.
Diabetes SIP displays your data as a breakdown of diabetes care items:

  • HbA1c,
  • Eye Exam,
  • BMI < 6mths, BMI 6-12 mths,
  • P < 6mths, BP 6-12 mths,
  • Foot Exam < 6mths, Foot Exam 6-12 mths,
  • Cholesterol,
  • Triglycerides,
  • HDL,
  • Microalbuminuria (Microalbumin and/or ACR)
  • Smoking,
  • eGFR

Figure 107: Diabetes SIP Item Chart