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While our CAT4 recipes are designed to give new and experienced users a simple step by step guide to a particular problem or question, they still require some familiarity with CAT4. To enable users with no experience at all to get started, we have added a 'How to get started' recipe that explains the basic steps and terminology. For a full understanding we recommend the user guide, in particular this page Getting Started. We will be adding new recipes on request, so please feel free to contact with any suggestions.

All recipes produce a list of patients based on your search/filter and reporting criteria. These lists of patients can be exported to a spreadsheet or other format to use in the practice.

Since May 2016 the new CAT Plus Prompt functionality allows practices who are using Topbar as well as CAT4 to create prompts in CAT4 for patients meeting filter and/or report criteria. The full CAT Plus Prompt guide is available here and there is a short guide on how to create prompts in CAT4

The steps to create a prompt won't be described in full in each recipe, please refer to the full guide above.

CAT recipes are available on request. Please enter your details and select the recipe you wish to access on the form below to request access. 

Request CAT Recipes


Please note that it is not always necessary to create a prompt, as Topbar already provides a large number of built in prompts for missing clinical and demographic data items!

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