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Pen CS has created the CAT Plus suite of software for primary health care which consists of Topbar, CAT4 and PAT CAT. These tools are already working together and CAT Prompts is the next level of integration. CAT Prompts provides the team in general practice with an easy way of communicating across the CAT Plus suite. CAT4 and PAT CAT can identify patients of interest through the large range of reports and filters, and the prompt based on the criteria used in CAT4/PAT CAT can be send to Topbar to notify the clinicians if their patient matches the chosen conditions. This can be used to improve data quality, identify patients at risk and highlight business opportunities for the practice.

The main advantage is the ease of communicating findings on a practice population level to the consult room where the individual patient is present. Rather than having to rely on printed lists or verbal communication, Topbar together with CAT4 will be able to improve team work and improve quality of care through communication.

CAT Prompts are not dependent on the patients in CAT4 OR PAT CAT as only the filters and selections used are applied when a patient is opened in the clinical system. This means if you create a new prompt today, even patients that are added to your clinical system in the future will be identified if they match the criteria.

For information on how to use the prompts in each of the individual parts of the CAT Plus suite click on the links below.

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