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Your new filter will inherit all the conditions used above and now you can select additional criteria (but don't have to). In the example below I have selected patients who didn't have a BP and cholesterol check-up entered into their record in the last 12 months.


Custom filters work in the same way as a cross tabulation in CAT4, meaning that if you select all categories in a report tab the result will be an 'OR' filter, but as soon as you select only some categories on a report tab, the filter will become an 'AND' filter. The example below will only show those patients meeting ALL selected criteria, so anyone without a BP and a cholesterol recorded, but if you had selected the whole Blood Pressure report and the Cholesterol report tab, anyone would be included.

Once your PAT2CAT filter is complete, click on 'Save' to save it. This filter will be immediately available to all CAT4 users linked to your PAT CAT, unless you have, as above, only included a particular practice or group of practices in the new filter.