Patient data can be filtered as follows:


No selection = All

NOTE: Ticking multiple boxes will create an OR criteria (i.e. Male OR Female).


DVA (Department Veteran Affairs)
non DVA
No selection = All


1. Enter a numeric start age or end age to limit your selection
Choose Years (default) or Months as your search filter for start/end age.
NOTE: choosing Months will display the Demographics graph in months.

2. 'No Age' ticked will search for patients with a missing date of birth

Last Visit

The last visit date is the most recent date a patient contact has been recorded.

Note that in some clinical systems it is not possible to distinguish a clinical contact from other notes made in the patient record. This will affect the quality of the data reported. Check the 'General Data Mappings' Appendices for your Clinical system.

Values for selection are:
Any = the last visit was at any time (all patients will be selected)
None = no last visit is recorded
<6 mths = has visited in the last 6 months
<15 mths = has visited in the last 15 months
<24 mths = has visited in the last 24 months
<30 mths = has visited in the last 30 months
Date Range with from/to date selection = only patients whose most recent visit occurred within a period of time. Patients with a visit after the 'to date' will be excluded.

The 'Date Range' filter – to note:
The 'Date Range' filter cannot be used to retrospectively look at the data in a 'snapshot'. The 'snapshot' is only valid for the point in time at which it was taken.

For example: If you filter on last visit between 1 and 2 years ago you will be excluding patients that have had a visit more recently. These patients may or may not have had a visit in the period of time you are selecting.

You will not be selecting all patients who visited within that period.


Activity is how many patient visits (or contacts) have been recorded with the practice.
Values for selection are:
Active = has had 3 visits in the last 2 years (RACGP definition)
Not Active = a patient not meeting the RACGP definition of active

(Number of ) Visits in the last 6 mths
Has not visited in the last X mths; where X can be selected via the drop down.

Activity is measured by changes to the patient's progress notes. Any clinical entry (see the general mapping details for your clinical system: Data Mapping) in the progress notes will count as a visit. Administrative entries will not be counted.