To use CAT Prompts you have to have the latest version of Topbar, CAT4 and PAT CAT installed. Please contact your PHN to enquire about how to get access to the CAT Plus suite. Only PHN or other organsisation level users can access the prompts functionality in PAT CAT, practice level users won't have the icon when logged on.

The configuration steps below only apply if you are still on PAT CAT older than version 3.2 as from that version onwards the practices will be aligned with the licensing portal and no Prompt Network ID will need to be configured. For full details on how to set up practices with version 3.2 or higher please see here: Setting up Practices

If you are on the latest version of PAT CAT all practices are ready to receive prompts!


Practices set up in PAT CAT need to be linked to their Topbar licences. To link the practice licences, log on to PAT CAT as a PHN/other organisation user and click on the 'Practices



Find the practice you want to link for CAT Prompts and click on the practice name. A window with the practice details will pop up (which is also used to configure practice logon details and name) which has a new drop down menu called 'Prompt Network ID'.

The drop down list will display all practices in your catchment and by selecting the practice from this list you have linked PAT CAT and Topbar at the practice for the use with CAT Prompts.



There is no further configuration needed in PAT CAT and you can now start to create CAT Prompts.