Intended Audience

This document is intended for PHNs and other organisations which are providing licences for their users. The web portal provides the functionality to be able to manage these licences. The web portal can also be used by all users of the CAT Plus software – however individual users have limited access. As a practice user the portal allows password reset and changes to personal information and opting out of email communication. The details are explained in the CAT User Guide. 

Licensing Structure

The portal is designed using a hierarchical structure:

  • the PHN or other organisation sits at the top level
  • the practices are client organisations who belong to the PHN or other organisation
  • the individual user who belongs to the PHN or to one or more practices

Licenses are inherited – the CAT Plus licence for a PHN is valid for all client organisations and users belonging to the respective organisations including those added later. Users can be administrators or standard users, the difference being that administrators can change the password for other users and can create new users at their organisation, whereas standard users can only change their own passwords. To restrict the use of CAT Plus to the licensed organisation we have implemented a lock down of the licence to the practice it was allocated to – this will be confirmed by the first successful data collection.
When users are assigned to more than one Organisation they do not get the sum total of licenses from all their Organisations, instead:

  • Users must nominate the organisation they are logging in at after supplying their username and password in CAT
  • Users will only get the licenses specific to that organisation (and their User account level licenses)

Users at multiple organisations

With the latest update to our licensing portal users can now be allocated to more than one organisation. This could be a clinician working at several clinics and using different software at each clinic or any other combination of users and organisations. Administrator rights and job roles are by organisation only – a user can be an administrator in one clinic but a basic user in another. Only Pen CS support can add a user to an additional organisation – please contact support if this is required.


Licence lockdown

Any user logging on to CAT4 who is a member of multiple organisations will be asked on logon which organisation she/he is logging on to. On the first data collection CAT4 will lock this user to the clinical system used at the first instance. This will be reflected in the licensing portal under the organisation details as 'verified'. Once a licence has been linked to a particular clinical system at a particular clinic, this licence cannot be used at another location. This will prevent breaches of privacy by users who have left a clinic but are still using the same logon and it will protect abuse of the PHN licences outside their catchment and designated clinics.