The recipes were developed as part of the HeartConnect program, an ongoing collaborative initiative between the Sydney North Health Network (SNHN) and MQ Health. The HeartConnect program aims to:

  • improve outcomes for patients at risk of CVD by ensuring timely assessment, diagnosis, planning, management and treatment
  • provide rapid and reliable access to cardiology services
  • improve the experience of care for patients, GPs and cardiologists
  • improve the population CVD risk profile in the Northern Sydney PHN region
  • provide cost savings to the health system and society by reducing morbidity and mortality for patients presenting with CVD or risk factors
  • evaluate the impact of quality improvement in general practice in collaboration with the Australian Institute of Health Innovation (AIHI) at Macquarie University.

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The HeartConnect recipes allow general practices to stratify their patient population for cardiovascular disease (CVD) management and prevention. The following recipes are included: 

  • Recipe 1: Find all patients with CVD
  • Recipe 2: Find all patients with a CV Event risk of >= 10%
  • Recipe 3: CV Event risk and diabetes
  • Recipe 4: CV risk and hypertension
  • Recipe 5: CV risk and hyperlipidaemia
  • Recipe 6: CV risk and smoking
  • Recipe 7: CV Event risk missing values
  • Recipe 8: Find patients younger than 45 with CV event risk factors
  • Recipe 9 CV risk and renal disease

To download the HeartConnect recipes, please request a copy using the link below. 

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