Recipe Name:

Identify active patients with at least 3 visits in the last 2 years


The RACGP and many other organisations are using active patients as a target group or denominator for reporting.


all patients with three or more visits recorded in the last two years

CAT Starting Point:

  1. CAT Open
  2. Population Extract Loaded and Extract Pane “Hidden”

CAT4 will count any entry in the patient record that is recorded as a clinical visit. MD/BP have an option to record a non clinical visit, please refer to the data mapping for your clinical system:

General Data Category Mappings MD3

General Data Category Mappings BP

Any entry in the Zedmed clinical patient notes will be counted as a visit.


  • On the 'General' filter tab select the 'Active (3x in 2yrs) tick-box

  • Click the 'Recalculate' icon in the top right corner to apply the 'active (3x in 2yrs)' filter if selected. This will remove all patients that have less than 3 visits in the previous 2 years recorded at your clinic.

You can add other filters to find only those patients of interest based on their diagnosis, medication or many other filter criteria.

Please keep in mind that choosing the 'Active (3x in 2yrs)' filter will remove anyone with less than three visits. This could be patients who are new to your clinic and haven't had 3 visits yet, or it could be patients at risk who don't see their GP regularly. Depending on which group of patients you want to find, apply caution with the 'active patient' filter, as sometimes the patients with less than three visits are the ones at greater risk that you might want to target!