Recipe Name:

Identify patients seen by a particular provider or group of providers


Sometimes it might be useful to filter for patients that were seen only  by one provider or patients seen only by doctors or other provider groups. This filter can be combined
with any other filter to see only those patients.


Focus on patients only seen by a particular provider or provider group either for all times or in a specific time frame.

CAT Starting Point:

  1. CAT Open - CAT4 view (all reports) loaded
  2. Population Extract Loaded and Extract Pane “Hidden”
    1. Filter Pane open and under the ‘General’ tab ‘Active Patients’ (3x <2 years) selected (this step can be
       omitted if you want to search for all patients).

Filter Steps

  • OPTIONAL: Under the 'Date Range Visits' tab, choose the date range you want to report on, in this example the last 12 months

  • Under the 'Provider' tab, choose the 'seen by any provider' from the drop down menu
  • Choose the provider or provider group you want to filter for, e.g. all doctors or all non doctors

This will show only those patients seen by any of the selected provider(s) - in my case the four providers selected in the last 12 months. You can add this filter to other recipes or your own filters to narrow your search results