Your practice should inform patients about the possibility that their de-identified data might be shared and ask for consent in doing so. This is often done on the patient registration form and/or through a notice displayed at the practice. If a patient requests that their data is not shared (opt-out) with the de-identified upload to PAT CAT you can remove that patient. This process is reversible and will only affect the de-identified data in CAT4/PAT CAT.

To find the patient in question the easiest way is to use the 'Patient Name' filter:

Enter the name and then click on 'Recalculate'.

This will filter for any patient with an exact match of the first name/surname entered. To display the patient, click on 'View Population'. Once the list of patients is displayed, you can choose to 'Add/Withdraw Patient Consent for Sharing Data' on the bottom of the patient reidentification window. Click on 'Go' to open the selection window.

On the selection window, tick the box(es) of all patients who have withdrawn their consent and click OK to save your selection. CAT4 will remove all selected patients from the next de-identified data extract.

This process can be reversed by unticking the box next to the patient(s) name. For this process to work correctly, make sure that your CAT4 is configured correctly. In particular the path to the location of the file containing the list of patients who have withdrawn their consent is important, as it needs to be identical for all CAT4 users at your clinic. Full details are here: Patient Consent Withdrawn Settings but as many clinics use an automated data collection it might be required to contact our support team. Please feel free to call, email or use our chat client to get in contact with PEN CS support.