Full instructions on how to install the client module can be found here: CLIENT MODULE INSTALLATION GUIDE TOPBAR

  • By default, Topbar will be installed to:

Win Vista, 7, 8 – 'C:\Users\user.name\AppData\Roaming\PCS\PCS Desktop'

  • Start Menu shortcuts should be registered in 'Pen Computer Systems->PCS Topbar'
  • 'PCS Topbar' – Shortcut to start the Topbar (1 on the desktop as well)
  • 'Runtime log' – Short cut to the log file (same as Sidebar's)
  • 'Installation log' – Shortcut to the installation log
  • Add/Remove programs entry added 'PCS Topbar' (Can be un-installed from here)

On launch, the Topbar username and password are required. Please refer to the Topbar User guide available at help.pencs.com.au/topbar.htm for details on how to log on and use the tool.