• By default, the service will be installed to:
    • 32Bit – 'C:\Program Files\PCS\PCS Clinical Service'
    • 64Bit – 'C:\Program Files (x86)\PCS\PCS Clinical Service'


  • Start Menu shortcuts will be registered in 'PCS ->PCS Clinical Service'
    • 'Stop Service' – Stops the PEN CS Clinical Service
    • 'Start Service' – Starts the PEN CS Clinical Service
    • 'Runtime log' – Short cut to the log file (same as Sidebar's)
    • 'Installation log' – Shortcut to the installation log


  • Add/Remove programs entry added 'PCS Clinical Service' (Can be un-installed from here)


  • "PCS Clinic Service" and "PCS Clinic Monitoring Service" services should be running
  • Firewall exception should be added to port 8086 (default) so that client installs can talk to the server.



Best Practice users please note: If you are running Topbar and you are trying to restore a BP Backup, the running Topbar service will prevent the backup from being restored. Please stop the PCS Clinical Service and PCS Clinical Monitoring Service as described above before attempting a database restore, then restart the service!


To install the client module on individual workstations please follow the steps in the Client Module installation guide