CAT Plus products use a number of terms that are explained in the table below



ABSAustralian Bureau of Statistics
ACRMicroalbumin Creatinine Ratio
Active patientA patient with at least three visits in the last two years
Adjusted Population

In all numerical reports in PAT CAT we display the total number and another column called 'Adjusted'. Please refer to Adjusted Column Details for more detail

ANUAustralian National University
APCCAustralian Primary Care Collaboratives
ATSIAboriginal Torres Strait Islander
BMIBody Mass Index
BPBest Practice Clinical Desktop System
BPBlood Pressure
BPBest Practice
BSLFBlood Sugar Level (Fasting) – more commonly called FBG
CATPCS Clinical Audit Tool®
CATClinical Audit Tool
CAT4Clinical Audit Tool
CHDCoronary Heart Disease
CKDChronic Kidney Disease
COPDChronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
CVDCardiovascular Disease
DoHDepartment of Health
DoHADepartment of Health and Ageing
DVADepartment Veteran Affairs
eGFREstimated Glomerular Filtration Rate
ESEvent Summary
FBGFasting Blood Glucose
GeocodeThe process of converting a location/address into a coordinate that then translates to an area type (e.g. SA1)
GPGeneral Practitioner
GRAPHCNational Centre for Geographic & Resource Analysis in Primary Health Care
GTAGGRAPHC – Tag (a dedicated globally unique identifier)
HbA1cHaemoglobin A1c
HCNHealth Communication Network Ltd
HDLHigh-density Lipoproteins
Help DeskPen CS Help Desk
HMRHome Medicine Review
IFImprovement Foundation
LDLLow-density Lipoprotein
MBSMedicare Benefits Schedule
MDMedical Director Clinical Desktop System, developed by HCN
MDMedical Director
NEHTANational E-Health Transition Authority
NPCCNational Primary Care Collaboratives
NPCCNational Primary Care Collaborative
NPINational Performance Indicators
NVDPANational Vascular Disease Prevention Alliance
OrgPHN or other organisation
OrganisationPHN or other organisation
PCEHRPersonally Controlled eHealth Record
PEN CSPen CS Pty Ltd
PensionersUsed in Practice Data Quality Benchmark Report. The pensioner status of a patient is extracted from the patient details in the clinical system. This is not age related
QAIHCQueensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Council
QRGQuick Reference Guide
RACGPRoyal Australian College of General Practitioners
SAStatistical Area
SHSShared Health Summary as part of My Health Record
SIPService Incentive Payment
TopbarA software tool for general practitioners by PCS
TransientA patient that has visited at least 2 clinics in the organisation's catchment where both clinics have uploaded patient data.
UniqueA patient that has only been uploaded from one clinic in the organisation's catchment