If Topbar is set to high frequency database polling to detect changes in the patient record, the BestPractice server consumes a lot of resources due to cache settings in the BP Server.
This can slow down the BP Server and sometime can results in crashing the BestPractice clinical system. By default, Topbar performs database polling to monitor database changes after every 2 seconds, so the BP technical team requested to make the polling frequency configurable to avoid overloading of the BP clinic server.


In Topbar version 2.8.4, we have made the extraction polling frequency configurable. These changes are only available for BP users. We have added a new option called "Extraction Polling Frequency(In Seconds)" under the "Application Setting" tab of Setting app to configure the extraction polling frequency time. With this configuration, Topbar will only access the BP database to detect the changes after the configured number of seconds.

Only clinic administrator users can change the frequency. Please refer to Managing Topbar Users for details on administrators for Topbar. The administrator will be able to set the frequency between 2 to 60 seconds. Default polling frequency is every 2 seconds.

Topbar Setup:

The new "Extraction Polling Frequency" is in the Topbar Settings > Application Settings as shown in the screenshot below. To access the settings, click on the menu icon in the top right corner of Topbar, then choose 'Settings'

Please note that, this setting will be visible for clinic administrator only.

After changing the extraction polling frequency, the PCSClinicService needs to be restarted  to apply the changes.

This can be done from the Topbar settings/Support and Diagnosis/Reset Topbar Clinic Server:

If you have access to the BP Server, you can restart the PCS Clinical Service from the Windows 'Services' app after the settings were changed. The steps above can be done on any computer in the clinic provided the Topbar users is configured as administrator in the MyPen user portal.