CAT Plus Prompts can be turned on or off depending on the user's preference. This applies to all prompts, regardless if they were created in CAT4 (locally) or PAT CAT prompts created at the PHN or other organisation.

CAT4 prompts (practice notifications) that are created at the practice are turned ON for all users by default, where as external notifications are turned OFF by default and need to be activated first to be displayed for each user who wants to work with external notifications.


To access the settings click on the 'SETTINGS' tab in the cat plus prompts app screen. Existing prompts are displayed sorted by origin, Practice notifications first then external notifications.

The display status column shows if the prompt is active (blue circle) or disabled (grey circle).


To see the details of the notifications you need to click on the down arrow. In "Filters Used' and 'Reports Used' sections the full criteria of the prompts are displayed. This is different from the prompt details displayed when clicking on the prompt on the notification screen, where only the matching criteria in the patient's record are displayed. Close the details by clicking on the up arrow .


Activating or Disabling prompts in Topbar is a per user setting! It will only affect the currently logged on user as this is part of the customisation options of Topbar.