To start using Disease Tracker, the Practice Administrator will need to accept the Terms and Conditions.

Disease Tracker App Features

This App will show presentations for patients with a range of conditions on a map of Australia as a dot to indicated prevalence/presentations of patients with the selected conditions. Once the Terms and Conditions for the App is accepted, you will see the map of Australia with the currently covered conditions listed on the top left with their respective colour coding. Every time a patient with an existing condition of Diabetes, COPD or Asthma presents, a coloured dot will briefly show on the map in the LGA of the practice where the patient is presenting. When a patient is newly diagnosed with Covid-19, the red dot will display. The Covid-19 related conditions are represented as a green dot.

The App shows real-time symptoms and conditions for patients presenting in general practices, across Australia. The patients are visually presented as coloured dots appearing on a map of Australia. It is dynamic, so the dot stays visible for only a few seconds and then disappears. Additionally, the App tracks the COVID-19 vaccine status for presenting patients.

COVID-19 Vaccination Tracker Features

The part of the App will prompt the Doctor if the patient in consultation is eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine and will provide information relating to their COVID-19 vaccine status. The App will provide shortcuts for the Doctor to update the patient’s record.