Annual vaccination against influenza is essential to prevent its spread and complications.1,2

The FLU app, available on Topbar, is specifically designed to help you identify patients (while in consultation) who are recommended for influenza vaccination but are yet to be vaccinated, including those for whom it is funded via the NIP. Combining the Australian Department of Health's recommendation, NIP eligibility criteria and the patient record, a notification alert automatically appears on the FLU app on Topbar when a patient has yet to be vaccinated this season. 

The FLU app also flags the strength of recommendation for each patient and displays details on their National Immunisation Program (NIP eligibility) for the influenza vaccine, making it easy for you to provide appropriate advice to patients. 

The FLU app integrates seamlessly into your day-to-day work flow, helping you to:

  • Identify missed vaccinations
  • Reduce the risk of vaccination double-dosing
  • Increase visibility of vaccination and NIP eligibility status
  • Support doctor-patient conversations about the need for vaccination
  • Track and achieve practice goals for vaccinations
  • Easily view patient alignment to PIP Ql measures

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