Frailty is a common syndrome that occurs from a combination of deconditioning and acute illness on a background of existing functional decline that is often under recognised. Frailty can affect up to 25% people aged 75 and over. Patients living with frailty have two or three times the health care utilisation of their non-frail counterparts and experience higher morbidity, mortality and lower quality of life. Their carers can also experience high levels of stress. Many causes of frailty can be managed and, in some cases reversed, highlighting the importance of identifying older people who are living with frailty.

The FRAIL Topbar App, developed in collaboration with Sydney North Health Network (SNHN), presents a Frail Scale Questionnaire to assess the frailty status of the patient in consultation.

The FRAIL App presents a frailty questionnaire to assess the patient in consultation’s frailty score, and provides recommended follow up actions and interventions based on the response.

Completing the Questionnaire

Select the cross or tick next to each category on the FRAIL Scale Questionnaire and then select ‘See Results’ at the bottom.

This will go to the results page and provide a Frail Score. Frail Score’s include:

  • Robust
  • Pre-Frail
  • Frail

The relevant intervention and follow up strategies will also appear on the results page by clicking the ‘Intervention’ tab or ‘View referral/follow-up’ tab.

Practitioners can choose to retake the test if required by clicking the ‘Retake’ button at the bottom.

Printing the Report

After receiving the result, practitioners can choose to print the report for the patient.

Click the Printer icon on the top right hand of the App to print.

Saving the Report

The report can be saved to the patient’s file in the Clinical System, allowing the practitioner to view the file for future reference or printing.

Click the Save icon on the top right hand of the App to save.

View Previous Scores

The practitioner can view the patient’s previous scores done in the App in the Patient Report.

Click the icon of the person on the top right hand of the app to view the Patient Report.