For organisations using HealthPathWays in their region the related Topbar app provides a simple one-click access to the HealthPathWays website. Topbar will show the app name (default is HealthPathWays) on top of your screen. In the screenshot below the PHN region name is displayed as well. This can be different for each PHN, but the icon will be the same for the app.

The app name with the logo of your organisation will be shown in the dashboard which opens when you click on the Topbar icon in the top left corner. For more general information on how to use Topbar see here: Topbar Apps

The screen above shows the Topbar dashboard with the all active apps listed, the Townsville HealthPathways logo is shown on the Health PathWays app.

A click on this app will open the linked site without the need to login - thus making it very quick and easy for the clinician to access the resources in your HealthPathWays site.