The Healthy Heart Check item was added to the MBS app and will show if the patient is eligible for the item based on age, existing CVD conditions and billing history at your practice. The item shows all mandatory components and their status:

In the example above, the patient record already contains a systolic blood pressure taken in the last 12 months, a total cholesterol (in the last 5 years) and a smoking status (also in the last 5 years). This can help the clinician to decide if there is an opportunity to complete the remaining items during the current patient consult. The orange colour indicates that an item can't be entered manually. This colour code varies, as some clinical systems allow users to manually enter a lipid result for any patient, but Best Practice doesn't allow this.

The red colour indicates a missing item that is linked to your clinical system, and a click on the red dot will open the corresponding screen in your system, in this case the CV Event Risk calculator.