The PIP QI App will instantly present the information about the ten improvement measures for the patient currently open in your clinical system. Notifications are displayed as a number in the red circle and the app is located on the right hand side of your Topbar, with the other patient apps:

The app will exclude measures not relevant to the patient due to age, gender or diagnosed conditions. It will report the overall percentage of completed items based on the ten measures, with any measures not relevant for the patient counted as done. So for example when a patient who is eligible for five of the ten measures like shown below, we have one (smoking status) up to date which means they are 60% or 6/10 QIMs up to date. The remaining four are Alcohol status, Cervical Screening, BMI and CVD Risk factors.

Clicking on a red X will open the clinical system on the right page/field to update the missing measure, making it easy to improve your patient data.