Conditions are divided into 3 tabs.

Conditions – Chronic

Conditions included in Chronic are: 

    • Diabetes, including Gestational Diabetes
    • Respiratory, including Asthma and COPD
    • Cardiovascular, including Hypertension, Heart Failure, CVD, PVD, Stroke, Carotid Stenosis, MI, and Renal Artery Stenosis
      • when the subcategory Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is selected, all conditions below are included as an OR search, meaning any patient with at least one of the conditions will be included in the filter
    • Musculoskeletal, including Inflammatory Arthritis, Bone Disease, Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis
    • Renal Impairment, including Chronic Renal Failure, Acute Renal Failure and Undefined Renal Failure

Conditions – Mental Health

Conditions included in Mental Health are:

    • Mental Health, including High Prevalence (Anxiety, Depression), Low Prevalence (Schizophrenia and Bipolar)
    • MH – Degenerative, including Dementia
    • MH – Development, including ADHD and Autism
    • MH – Other including Postnatal Depression.


Conditions – Other

Conditions included in Other are:

    • Atrial Fibrillation
    • Hyperlipidaemia
    • Pregnancy
    • Drug Abuse
    • Hepatitis and Liver
    • STI, including Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Trichomoniasis and Syphilis

Selecting Conditions by ticking the boxes will limit your data to look at only patients that match all the conditions ticked:

  • Condition – Yes, No,
  • no selection = All

You can select to filter by patients that

  • Have a condition (tick the Yes box)
  • Do not have a condition (tick the No box)

If you tick one of the main condition headings (bolded) the sub-heading selections will not be available and all patients matching any of the conditions listed below will be selected. This is an OR search, as opposed to selecting each condition separately which will result in an AND search.

In some filters there is a heading in italics and underlined , for example the Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) and Bone Disease in the screenshot above. Selecting this heading will create a filter for patients with any of the specific conditions listed below, in the case of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)  it will include patients with any of the conditions CHC, Stroke, MI, PVD, Carotid Stenosis and Renal Artery Stenosis. This is an OR search, meaning that all patients with at least one of the listed conditions will be shown.