You can configure PAT CAT to send automatic reminder messages to registered practices – this should ensure data is uploaded at the agreed intervals. To configure this you will need to enter your email server details – click on 'Support' to access the settings.
NOTE: The reminder emails are only sent if the practice has not already submitted the data for the period specified in the setup.

The Automated Email Reminder screen is displayed. Some of the information required might need IT support to assist as PAT CAT will need the mail server details to enable the sending of emails.


Once all details including the text of the email has been set up you will have to decide on the schedule for the email to be sent, enable the reminders by ticking the Enable Automated Practice Email Reminders box and save the settings. This is a one off process and all practices who agree to receive reminder emails (and have it configured in the settings as shown above) will receive these emails monthly.