PAT CAT allows PHN or other organisation (and other organisations) but not practice users to save data in csv format (comma delimited) to be used in Excel or for further analysis in other software. To export data click on the 'Report' icon:


You will see two options, one for exporting patients as described below, and the other for custom timeline which is described in chapter 10 above.
Clicking on the 'Export Patients' line will open a new window with options to tick the details of the data to be exported to the csv file:


Each heading in the window above can be expanded by clicking on the > symbol and will display the details of each result that can be included or excluded. If all results need to be in the report you can click the 'Select All' button on the top left – this will give you a file with every result from every report in PAT CAT and the SLA2 mapping information. Use the 'Clear Selection' to remove all selections made.
The output can be opened in MS Excel and then be further processed or filtered as needed.

Depending on the size/number of practices this can take a while to create the export file – please be patient!