How are the extracts geocoded ?
The extracts are geocoded when they are created each month.

If there is more than one patient at a practice at the same address are two geocodes required ?
No, the same geocode can be used for multiple patients.

Can CAT4 Extracts be retrospectively geocoded ?
Generally geocoding is set up to geocode an extract using scheduler when the extract is sent to PAT CAT. It is possible to retrospectively geocode an extract,  however it requires logging on to the practice and manually geocoding it and sending it to PAT CAT.

Does the PHN need to get permission from the practice to geocode the data?
It is up to the PHN to establish the agreement with the practice.

Is it possible to get the geocoded output an spreadsheet file?
Yes but this will require some configuration changes and possibly ethical clearance, please contact PEN CS for further information.

What privacy safeguards are in place with geocoding ?
If there are less than 5 patients in an SA2,  then no data will be displayed.

What is the hierarchy of SA Codes ?

What are the differences between SA1, SA2, SA3, AND SA4 ?








Regional 100,000-300,000
Metro 300,000-500,000










Approx 55,000



Where do I find out more information about what a SA2 and SA3 are ?

Is there a National Map that shows the different statistical areas?

How do I tell if an extract has been Geocoded?

The name of the extract will have the word GTAGGED in the file name as shown below. This can be accessed from the 'Import' window in PAT CAT

Why does PAT CAT Mapping use SA codes instead of post codes ?
Post codes could be potentially identifiable data when used in conjuction with statistical medical information, SA codes can effectively balance the need for accuracy and patient data.

Is it possible to show just the adjusted patients ?
At this stage this is not possible.
To find out more about adjusted patients click here (

Where would I find a list of concordances for the PHN ?

Is it possible to produce shapefiles?
Not at this stage.

Where is the presentation that was shown about this functionality?
You can find the presentation on the home page at DOWNLOAD ALL PAT CAT USER GUIDES AS PDF

What does the * next to a practice or organisation name mean?
The * indicates that there are less than five patients in one or more SA2 for the practice or organisation. Please refer to Privacy restrictions on the display of Aggregated Data for full details on this feature.

What happened to the new SA2 areas introduced 2017?

Please note that the Australian Bureau of Statistics has updated their SA2 (full definition here) areas after the 2016 census. PAT CAT mapping has been updated to the new mapping as detailed here