The tabs under the Medication tab show the prevalence of a select number of medications in % and the medication per patient tab.

Medication Prevalence

The Medication Prevalence is calculated by identifying the number of patients taking a specific medication category and expressing it as a percentage of the total population.
The medication categories are the same as the medication groups provided in the medications filter (except for some Mental Health Medications).
The data is displayed as:

  • Prevalence per medication category as a percentage of this population in a bar chart

A bar is also provided on the chart for patients that have 'None of these' medications categories.


Medication per Patient

This reports shows  the percentage of patients with their current medications. The data is based on the information in the patient record as extracted by CAT4 - it's accuracy relies on the prescriber maintaining the current medication list. Only medications that have been removed from the current list are not shown in this report.