PAT CAT provides two email notifications for PIP QI - an email receipt to indicate that the practice data has been received and an email reminder, to indicate that no data has been received. Both email notifications need to be configured before they can be used and this page will show you how.

Practices need to be set up to receive email notifications, this is done in the 'Practices' screen and the details are here: Enrol Practices in PIP QI. To stop practices from receiving the PIP QI emails, disable the 'receive emails' for both reminders and receipts on the same screen by un-ticking the respective tick box.

To access and configure the email notification you need to be in the PIP QI view (indicated by the name next to the PAT CAT logo on the top left) and then click on the 'Support' menu:

Under the first tab, 'Automated Email Reminder', there are these two tabs:

  • SMTP Configuration - this needs to be configured for you to be able to send emails from PAT CAT
  • PIP QI Email Reminder - here are the templates and settings for the PIP QI related emails

SMTP Configuration

The SMTP Configuration tab shows the following fields. In most cases the information required will need your IT support to get involved.

Host - this is your email host server

Port - standard is 25 but this might be configured differently for your organisation

Enable SSL - optional but recommend to send encrypted email

Username/Password - your email server username and password

Once all information has been entered, the 'Test' button will check if all is working and provide a success/fail message.

PIP QI Reminders

The PIP QI Reminders tab has two tabs, one for the email receipt and one for the email reminder. Both templates have to be filled in:

Email Receipt:

Email Reminder:

Email - your email address

Subject - a subject matching the type of notification (receipt or reminder)

Body - your message to the practice matching the type of notification (receipt or reminder)

Email receipts will be sent automatically when an extract has been received so the practice is informed that their data has been successfully uploaded.

Email reminders will be sent at the start of the last month of the PIP Quarter if no data has been received in the current quarter.