The pap smear tab automatically filters out the male population. The population Figure displayed on this tab is the number patients in your filtered dataset with gender female or other.
Pap Smear displays your data as a breakdown of:

  • Pap Smear Recorded: Pap Smear Recorded, No Pap Smear Recorded, Ineligible*.
  • Pap Smear Done Date (where Pap Smear Recorded): <1yr, 1-2yrs, 2-3yrs, 3-4yrs, >4yrs and in a report format:
  • Pap Smear Summary Report Card – this is explained below. This report is always derived from your full dataset not you filtered dataset.

The data is displayed as a pie chart. Functions available are as described for Allergies at the beginning of this chapter.
* The pap smear category of 'Ineligible' includes patients who are flagged in the clinical system as not requiring a pap smear or who have a coded condition recorded that excludes them (eg. hysterectomy). Check the pap smear mappings for your clinical system.


Pap Smear Summary Report Card

The Pap Smear Summary Report Card is an initiative of the SA Cervix Screening Program (SACSP) to improve the management of clinical information related to cervical screening and support increased participation of women in screening.
It provides a report of eligible females aged 18-70, categorised by:

  • Females with a last visit < 36 mths
  • Active Females – Not pregnant, Pregnant and Total

Each category is broken down into subcategories by how long ago the last pap smear was recorded. The subcategories match the pie chart breakdowns provided allowing patients for follow up to be targeted.

  • Not Recorded
  • 4 years ago
  • 3-4 years ago
  • 2-3 years ago
  • 1-2 years ago
  • < 1 year ago

Within each subcategory there is a further breakdown by age range: 18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-70.

  • Total Count and Percentage is provided for each report line item.
  • Percentage at the subcategory level is against the category total.
  • Percentage at the age range level is against the subcategory total.