In the User Interface Customisation tab you can configure details on how PAT CAT displays some data items and set preferred times for data import, gtagging (if relevant) and virtual patient calculation.

  • The adjusted column is enabled by default, for more details on what this column shows please check here: Adjusted Column Details
  • The option to hide a practice filter when used can be used if reports are shared by practice names should not be shown on the shared reports.
  • Schedules for import and gtagging are set to default times outside normal working times to improve PAT CAT performance. If you want uploaded data to be immediately imported, these settings need to be adjusted to allow data import/gtagging during working hours. We recommend to set both schedules for the same time, as this won't have a performance impact on your server. With the latest update to 3.3.26 PAT CAT will import and geotag data without immediately recalculating the virtual patients - this will make the import a lot faster. We also recommend to schedule the Virtual Patient Calculation later in the day, so for example in the screenshot below we have the import running in the early morning and the virtual patient calculation in the early evening.
  • Daily Schedule for Virtual Patient Calculation - this is a very demanding calculation and in the previous versions was performed after each individual extract which caused long import times and large server load. With this new scheduling option PAT CAT can import extracts quickly and will then bulk process all imported extracts as per schedule. This should speed up the processing time for data imports a lot.

PEN CS recommends to leave the default times as scheduled on installation. If you are unclear about the best times for the schedules below please contact our support team!