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1) Email (MAPI or Other);

2) Secure FTP or

3) Send to PATCAT for clinics that submit data to an organisation such as a PHN for data aggregation. Clinic consent is required in all cases for the data submission and CAT4 will not send data automatically unless configured under the 'Scheduler' options. Please see the Send to PAT CAT user guide for details on how to set up automatic data submission.

Submitting data by email is often limited by settings on your email system prohibiting large attachments. For larger clinics (more than 10000 patients) we strongly recommend to set up data submission via FTP or Send to PATCAT as described below.

FTP does not have the size restrictions and is a safer way to send data as it is using a secure transmission. The receiving organisation needs to set up the FTP server before this method can be used and also needs to supply the FTP details.