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Christine Chidgey




John Johnson

Review and Comment



Christine Chidgey

Add Appendices for Conditions and Medications Mappings



Christine Chidgey

Updates for revised functionality and screens



Christine Chidgey

Add Cardiovascular Risk Calculator



Christine Chidgey

Updates for revised functionality and screens



Christine Chidgey

Update version number to match chm file



Christine Chidgey

Additional information included in various sections
Add Home Medicine Review
Updates to Appendices



Christine Chidgey

Updates to HMR for 0 meds
Updates for Version 2 release



John Johnston




Tarkan Shahho




Christine Chidgey

Updates for new functionality
Data Summary Report
Cross Tabulation Report



Christine Chidgey

Add revised screen shots for new functions



Christine Chidgey

Updates for NPI Reports 2008-09
Clarification of BP results



Christine Chidgey

Updates for version 2.3 release and in particular to

  1. add a Results Date filter
  2. provide ability to save filter criteria
  3. improve Diabetes SIP graphs



Christine Chidgey

The CAT4 User Guide has been split into 2 parts – this is Part 2 which covers the functionality of the application.

Updates for the APCC Report.



Christine Chidgey

45-49 Check MBS 717 added for MD/Pracsoft3 users



Christine Chidgey

Pap Smear Summary Report Card



Christine Chidgey

The CAT4 User Guide Appendices B, C and D have been split out into separate documents. These Appendices cover the clinical Desktop System data mappings for Medical Director, Best Practice and Genie respectively.

Waist, BSLF (renamed FBG) graphs added
MBS Items graph added for MD/Pracsoft3 users
Additional Mental Health conditions and medications added to Disease and Medications graphs. Refer to appendices for mappings.



Christine Chidgey

Updates for new CV Risk Calculator
Updates for new logos on screens



Christine Chidgey

Rename BSLF graph to FBG (Fasting Blood Glucose)

Appendix E has been added as a separate document covering the clinical Desktop System Zedmed data mappings.



Christine Chidgey

Update MBS 45-59 Linkages Reports to 2008/09 FY
MBS Items not recorded graph added for MD/Pracsoft3 users
Update support information



Christine Chidgey

Group some existing tabs to reduce scrolling

  • Measures tab – contains BMI, Weight, BP
  • Pathology tab – contains Lipids, eGFR, MALB, HbA1c, FGB

    Updates to General Filter selections
    Add Alcohol
    ACR graph has been replaced by MALB
    eGFR calculation has been changed
    Additional MBS Items have been added for MD/Pracsoft3 users
    Condition Drug Abuse has been added
    NPI CDM3 report has been amended in line with DoHA (BP cut-off of <=130/80)
    QAIHC Indicators report added for MD users



Christine Chidgey

New conditions added to filter and APCC Reporting:

  • Peripheral Vascular Disease
  • Carotid Stenosis
  • Renal Artery Stenosis
  • Chronic Renal Failure

    Immunisation chart for Swine flu



Christine Chidgey

Fix typo in CV Event Risk age range



Christine Chidgey

Update document template.
Updates for new functionality: Tools menu option, Select All report option, Age bracket changes, Diabetes SIP worksheet improvements.



Christine Chidgey

Charts – ACR, INR added
Condition Atrial Fibrillation added
MBS Item changes (45-49 tab has been removed)
Timeline functionality
'Send Data To' functionality



Christine Chidgey

Update the Ethnicity filter to include 'Not Recorded'



Christine Chidgey

QAIHC Report is available for MD and BP users
Filters – General: add Medicare Number, Conditions: add extra Mental Health, Medications: add extra Mental Health and Respiratory
Graphs – add Spirometry
Send Data To – an additional email option is available
Saved Filters – can set a default to be preloaded



Christine Chidgey

Rename Gardasil Immunisation to HPV
Update the ACR graph information
Add practix compatibility



Christine Chidgey

Add Communicare compatibility
Add Medinet compatibility

Updates for APCC revised screens
New filters for last visit, activity, postcode and suburb

Condition: Gestational Diabetes added
Medication: Dabigatran added


Christine Chidgey

New 'Screening' tab – this includes subtabs for the screening of Cervical and Colorectal (Cancer: Pap Smear and FOBT respectively.
The Pap Smear tab is unchanged but has been moved under the 'Screening' tab.

MBS Items added at 1st Nov 2011 for GP Mental Health Careplan (2700, 2701, 2715, 2717)
MBS Item 11506 for Respiratory added

NT AHKPI report is available for all users and can be submitted to the Improvement Foundation portal.



Christine Chidgey

National KPI report is available for all users and can be submitted to the Improvement Foundation portal.
The IF data submission has moved to the main menu (from the APCC Report)
Immunisations > Childhood Schedule has been added



Christine Chidgey

HMR tab has been removed. The 'Medications per Patient' graph is now under the Medications tab.

Filters for musculoskeletal conditions and medications have been added.

Additional Pain Relief medications have been added.

New graphs/reports:

  • Medications > Medications Not Printed in Last 6mths
  • Musculoskeletal Risk Factors

    The Communicare Patient Status flag has been added to the General filter tab (Communicare Users only).



Christine Chidgey

Data Quality tab providing a clinical Data Self-Assessment (CDSA) tool funded by NEHTA – comprises of a suite of graphs and reports relating to data completeness



Christine Chidgey

Patient name filter
Patient Report for individual measures



Christine Chidgey

Extracting additional patients to meet reporting requirements – refer under 'Reports' section
Patient status filter



Christine Chidgey

Updates to functionality for Last Visit filter, eGFR and CKD graphs.



Christine Chidgey

CVD Risk graph

  • Updated to include 74+ age group
  • Acknowledgement that the guidelines have been updated in 2012

    Add Medtech Mappings Appendix

    Update the definition of a patient visit to clarify difference between clinical systems



Christine Chidgey

Add Maternal Health tab
Add Visits tab
MBS Add HKC item 10986
Updates to BMI, ACR



Christine Chidgey

  • Update eGFR calculation from MDRD to ePI as per
  • Update HbA1c results to take account of the change in units to mmol/mol. CAT4 will continue to report % and will do a conversion where results are sent with the new units.
  • Add Physical Activity graph under Measurements
  • Remove NT AH KPI Report



Christine Chidgey

After Hours functionality

  • Add Visits > Visit Type
  • MBS items – add AH Item numbers



Christine Chidgey

NKPI Report has been updated with the 2013 indicators



Christine Chidgey

OSR Online Services report is available for all users and can be submitted to the Improvement Foundation portal.
OSR Supporting graphs for Visits (Contacts and Episodes) and Antenatal Visits.



Christine Chidgey

Ethnicity filter has been moved onto a its own filter tab
Formatting changes to the FOBT summary report card
BP data can be collected by location, where location is a prefix to the Patient Record No

CAT Data Cleansing module has been added



Chris Hardie

Screenshots updated to reflect V3.8, all sections reviewed.

  • The Diabetes SIP graphs have been updated to include eGFR as the kidney function test measure
  • The DVA filter has been enhanced to include the DVA Card Color



Christine Chidgey

  • Cleansing CAT - 3 new reports
  • My CAT - a new view that allows users to customise their own Classic CAT views
  • Spirometry graph has been updated to display measurement ranges using the FEV1/FVC ratio
  • The After Hours Reports for Medicare Locals is available under the Visits tab
  • Childhood Immunisations has been updated for the NIPS changes on 1st July 2013 – see QRG
  • Patient withdrawn consent (or opt-out) for sharing data can be flagged



Christine Chidgey

  • APCC Report includes new measures for CKD and CVD
  • Immunisations – Swine flu has been removed as this immunisation is no longer available as a single vaccine and is now included in the seasonal flu vaccine
  • Immunisations – HPV graph has been updated to include males as well as females



Christine Chidgey

  • eHealth tab provides information about PCEHR, IHI and Shared Health Summaries
  • Indicator Sets eHealth report is available and can be submitted to the IF portal

    Registrar CAT module has been added



Christine Chidgey

  • Mediflex Integration for billing (see Part 1)
  • Cleansing CAT Medication review report
  • Health Providers Report
  • After Hours Reporting View
  • Ethnicity tab
  • Filter for Antidiabetic medications
  • Filter for Risk Factors
  • Immunisations updates



Matthias Merzenich

  • Updated Send-to functionality for PATCAT data
  • Updated formatting



Matthias Merzenich

  • New online store functionality added
  • New units for HBA1c added
  • New filter for gestational diabetes added
  • Childhood immunisations updated
  • Password retrieval updated



Matthias Merzenich

  • NKPI essential immunisations worksheet description updated
  • Extracting additional patients description updated to clarify Communicare extractor



Matthias Merzenich

  • New data security feature description added



Matthias Merzenich

  • Major update to new version CAT4
    • revised document for company name and logo changes
    • new reports added
    • replaced screenshots to reflect UI changes



Matthias Merzenich

  • support for multiple organisations added
  • confirmation for clinical system added at logon
  • licence lockdown details added
Matthias Merzenich
  • Updated format for online documentation