Recipe Name

How to find patients that may be eligible for the Life! program referral using elements of the AUSDRISK tool


Help practices identify patients who can be recommended for AUSDRISK and are eligible for the Life! program

Target Population

  • Age 30 years or above for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander or Age 45 years or above for general population
  • Systolic Blood Pressure of 140 mmHg and above
  • BMI of 25 and above

CAT Starting Point

  1. CAT Open – CAT4 view (all reports) loaded
  2. Population extract loaded and extract pane "hidden"

In the Filter pane:

1. Under 'General' tab, select 'Active Patients (3x < 2 years)'

2(a). Enter '45' in the Start Age box under 'Age' for general population

2(b). For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander enter '30' in the Start Age box and in 'Ethnicity' tab select 'Indigenous'

3. Under 'Risk Factors' tab, select 'Smoking'

4. Click on the 'Recalculate' button to apply these filters.

Click Hide Filter.

In the Reports Pane:

1.  Under 'Measures' Report, select 'BMI' tab and select 'Overweight', 'Obese' and 'Morbid'

2. Select 'BP' tab, select '>140/90'

3.Click on 'Report' button to see the list of patients meeting the criteria for Life! Referral

(If applicable, add a 'Cholesterol' measure from 'Pathology' report before step 3)

4. Save or print the patient list or send the list a SMS/Voicemail Recall from 'Patient Reidentification' window

Create a prompt to display in Topbar
Remember you need to be in the CAT4 Daily View to be able to create prompts. Other pre-requisites are:

  • Topbar is installed
  • CAT is linked to Topbar via Edit/Preferences/Topbar - check here for details: Linking CAT to Topbar

To start click on the 'Daily View' icon on the top of your CAT screen:

Once you have applied the filter(s) and displayed the patients of interest as described above, you can create a prompt that will be shown to all clinicians using Topbar if a patient meeting the prompt criteria is opened in their clinical system.