With the latest update of CAT4 we have introduced a new feature to ensure CAT4 is only used at licenced clinics by users registered to work at that clinic. This will stop anyone who is not a registered user at the clinic to view their data and to use CAT. It will increase the privacy of the patient data contained in CAT4 and will stop users from continuing to use CAT4 elsewhere after leaving a clinic. CAT4 is linked to the clinical system on the first successful data collection to stop any use outside the clinic. This means any subsequent changes to the clinical system will have to be reflected in the clinic's licence. This can only be done by PEN CS support staff. If you are planning to change your clinical system please contact PEN CS support to ensure that CAT4 will continue to work with the new system. In case of an incorrect linked clinical system you will see the error message shown below:


Figure 8: Incorrect Clinical System Configured