By default CAT4 will extract only one result for the reports listed on this filter. The result is the most recent one and all reports will show this result only. However 'most recent' can be from last week or it can be 5 years old. If your query involves date ranges such as 'patients with diabetes who didn't have an HbA1c done in the last 12 months' or 'GPMPs claimed in the last 3 months' you have to use the date range results filter.

This filter allows the user to view the last recorded result that falls within a specified time period or date range. It is applied to the following reports:

  • Measurements
  • Pathology
  • MBS Items
  • Maternal Health
  • Visit Types
  • Digital Health (SHS/ES uploads)
  • Smoking/Alcohol
  • Influenza

By selecting a date range from the choices below

  • <= 6mths
  • <= 12 mths
  • <= 15 mths
  • <= 24 mths
  • User defined range

results that have not been measured within the selected period will be filtered out.
Results outside the selected period are treated as 'Not recorded'.

This will give a more meaningful picture for charts like HbA1c where old results are generally not relevant. Where the filter has been applied the chart title will include the selected period.
For example,