Pathology > Lipids displays your data as a breakdown of:

  • Cholesterol: <4.0, >4.0 and <=5.5, >5.5 and <=6.5, >6.5 and <=7.5, >7.5, No Cholesterol Recorded.

  • HDL: <1.0, >1.0 and <=2.0, >2.0, No HDL Recorded

  • LDL: <2.5, >2.5 and <=4.0, >4.0, No LDL Recorded

  • Triglycerides: <2.0, >2.0 and <=4.0, >4.0, No Triglycerides Recorded

  • Total Chol/HDL Ratio: <3.5, >3.5 and <5.0, >5.0, No Total Chol/HDL Ratio Recorded

The data is displayed as a pie chart. Functions available are as described for Allergies at the beginning of this chapter.

Lipids Mappings with clinical systems

The lipids mappings are provided in the 'General Data Mappings' Appendices under Measurements for each clinical application.
If there are results for Cholesterol, HDL, LDL and/or Triglycerides then the most recent values will be displayed. If there are results for HDL and cholesterol is recorded the most recent values will be used by CAT4 to display the Chol/HDL ratio.
Where the LD results is missing CAT4 will calculate it if possible using the Friedewald equation:
LDL cholesterol (mmol/L) = total cholesterol - HDL cholesterol - triglyceride/2.2