Remember: Click the 'Hide Extracts' and 'Hide Filter' buttons to maximise the use of your screen for viewing results.
The tabs along the top of the reports panel allow you to view various graphical representations of your data set.


With the introduction of CAT4 and the dashboard there are now different ways of customising the way CAT4 displays the reports. In the list below all available reports are detailed, but depending on the view you are using there will be less reports visible. To view all reports in the same order as below you will have to load the CAT4 view which shows every report tab.
These are:

All views are of the filtered data set not the full data set, except for the Indicator Sets Reports.

The Indicator Sets Reports specify which population they are reporting on.
Note: Some views are automatically filtered further to suit the data being represented. The graph header or footer titles will specify the population that is displayed.
For example,

  • Pap Smear and Mammogram – filters out gender=male
  • CV Event Risk – filters out age <45 (Non ATSI), <35 (ATSI),
  • Condition=Cardiovascular disease (CVD)
  • Immunisations > HPV – filters out age<9


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