The Smoking report displays your data in two tabs, the 'Status' one shows a breakdown of smoking status by: Daily Smoker, Irregular Smoker, Ex Smoker, Never Smoked, Nothing Recorded. This report can be filtered by date of the smoking assessment using the 'Date Range Result' filter.

The 'Cessation' report is currently only available for MD3, BP and Communicare (V16 or higher) users and shows the 'Stage of change assessment' from the patients smoking assessment. This report is using the daily and irregular smokers only as cessation is not relevant for non or ex-smokers. Zedmed and Genie currently don't capture the data required for the stage of change report.

The pie chart shows the number and percentage of patients ready to quit, intending to quit, not ready to quit, nothing recorded or 'other', with 'other' being a 'recent quitter' in the MD3 patient record.