The NPI Reports are available under the 'Standard Reports' tab.
The NPI Reports are always derived from your full data set not your filtered data set.
The following NPI Reports for 2009-10 are available:
CDM 2 for reporting on Diabetes patients HbA1c results in last 12 months
CDM 3 for reporting on CHD patients with BP <= 130/80 in last 12 months
PREV 4 for reporting on female patients aged 20-69 with a pap smear in last 2 years
These reports cannot be filtered by date. They are applicable only to the date at which the data collection was extracted. The date of extract will appear on the report.
The reason is because CAT4 collects a 'snapshot' of a patient's current results at the date of extract. It does not collect a full patient history and hence it is not possible to create NPI reports retrospectively.
A report toolbar is available which provides functions to view, print and export the document.