The COVID-19 Vaccination report shows the vaccination status of the general population at your practice.

In the 'General' tab under 'General Population' tab all patients are shown in a doughnut chart with the following disaggregation:

  • Dose 1 Categories
    • Dose 1 Astrazeneca
    • Dose 1 Pfizer (Comirnaty)
    • Dose 1 Moderna (Spikevax)
    • Dose 1 Other
  • Dose 2 Categories
    • Dose 2 Astrazeneca 
    • Dose 2 Pfizer (Comirnaty)
    • Dose 2 Moderna (Spikevax)
    • Dose 2 Other
  • Declined 
  • Not Recorded

Please note that we rely on the vaccine sequence entered in your patient records to determine how many doses a patient as received. To ensure accurate reporting make sure your records contain the correct vaccine sequence number, regardless if you record a vaccine given elsewhere or at your clinic.

Below are the inclusion criteria for each category,

  • Dose 1 Categories include patient population who have had received at least one vaccine dose
  • Dose 2 Categories include patient population who have received at least two doses
  • The 'Declined' category includes patients who declined the vaccination. This feature is currently only available for Medical Director users.

Footnote: COVID-19 Vaccine eligibility/choice is at the discretion of the service provider and participants. Please check the Department of Health current guidelines at
The Patient Reidentification report shows details on the dose: