Allergies displays your data as a breakdown of allergy status: Allergy Recorded, No Known Allergies, Nothing Recorded. The data is displayed as a pie chart.
The patient count in each allergy status group is displayed for each segment of the pie chart.


The report provides the following features:

  • Select All checkbox
  • Show Percentage checkbox
  • Print button
  • Export button

These are explained below
Select All checkbox – click this checkbox to select all segments of the graph (legend is also selected)


Show Percentage checkbox – click this checkbox to display the percentage in each group rather than the count.


Uncheck this checkbox to display count.
Print button – click the 'Print' button to print a copy of the graph.
Export button – if you click on any segment of the pie chart it will become highlighted and the 'Export' button in the right hand corner of the results panel will become active. You can select more than one segment of the pie.
Highlighted segment of pie chart Export button active


Click the 'Export' button to get a list of the patients that make up this group. (This works the same way as the 'View Pop.' button except that you not looking at the filtered population but are drilling down to a subset of it.)
This will pop up the Patient Reidentification Report with a list of patient details. The specific allergy value for each patient in the group selected will be provided in the last column.
Use the 'Export' menu option to export the data to Excel format for follow up, if required.