The OSR Data Collection Instrument defines the indicators that are to be submitted. A subset of these indicators can be automatically extracted by CAT4 from the practice clinical systems. These are:

Clinical Services (CS)

CS-1, CS-2, CS-3a, CS-4

Maternal and Child Health (MCH)

MCH-1, MCH-2, MCH-3

Health Promotion (HP)


Social and Emotional Wellbeing SEWB (SE)

SE-6, SE-7

Link Up (L)

L-6, L-7

Standalone Substance Use Services (S)

S-6, S-7a, S-7b, S-7c, S-10, S-11, S-13, S-14

Not all clinical systems will have all the data items required for all indicators.
The CAT4 OSR module is available in CAT4 Version 3, for clinical systems where the CAT4 data extract meets the CAT4 data specifications version 1_15 or higher (or Communicare version 13.2 or higher). The module provides:

  • The indicator report
  • Supporting graphs which allow the indicators to be verified

The OSR Report displays data for all clients, including archived and deceased, who have had a contact in the last 12 months.
MBS Item Indicators in the report (indicators CS-4 and MCH-1) are available where the clinical and billing systems are provided by the same vendor or are supported by CAT.
More information about this functionality is provided in the CAT4 OSR Report Quick Reference Guide.