Measures > Waist displays your data as a breakdown of risk status. The risk ranges differ depending on whether you are measuring waist for risk of CVD or Diabetes. CAT4 provides 2 separate tabs:

  • Waist > CVD Risk
  • Waist > Diabetes Risk

Patients younger than 18 years are listed separately on the report as most clinical systems don't have the option to enter a waist measurement for non adults.


CVD Risk

Diabetes Risk

Male <94, 94-102, >102
Female <80, 80-88, >88

Non ATSI Male < 102, 102-110, >110
Non ATSI Female <88, 88-100, >100
ATSI Male <90, 90-100, >100
ATSI Female <80, 80-90, >90

and 'No Waist Recorded'.

Waist Mappings with clinical systems

The Waist mappings are provided in the 'General Data Mappings' Appendices under Measurements for each clinical application.