Pathology > HBA1c displays your data as a breakdown of HBA1c status:
Due to the current transition to new units both ranges will be displayed on the graph, the mmol/mol will be displayed in brackets:

% ranges

Mmol/mol ranges

>=6% and <= 6.5%=>42 and <=48

>6.5% and <=7

 >48 and <=53

>7 and <=8

>53, <=64

>8 and < 10

>64, <86

>= 10


The data is displayed as a pie chart. Functions available are as described for Allergies at the beginning of this chapter.

The CAT4 HbA1c graph will now report both % and mmol/mol. The MD and BP extractors will extract both units and the most recent result will be used. A conversion to the alternative units will be implemented using the conversion algorithm below:

Conversion from the old to the new units is as follows:
HbA1c (mmol/mol) = 10.93(A1c% - 2.15)

Other graphs/reports that currently report in % will continue to display the % value.
The % sign will be included for clarity about which units are being reported
The most recent result will be used and a conversion back to % will be applied if the most recent result is in mmol/mol.

HbA1c Mappings with clinical systems

The HbA1c mappings are provided in the 'General Data Mappings' Appendices under Measurements for each clinical application.