The MH Summary Report Card is available under the 'Standard Reports' tab.
This report provides a snapshot of GP data relating to Mental Health. It is designed to encourage GPs to review and update their management strategies for patients diagnosed with mental health disorders, specifically schizophrenia, in their practices. These new management strategies are in line with the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP) guidelines and take into account the International Diabetes Federation criteria for metabolic syndrome.
How to use this report
This report is designed to be used in conjunction with the CAT4 filters. Some medications can increase a patient's metabolic risks and this report highlights areas of patient care that may need further management.
Some suggested filters are:
1. Filter on Condition = Schizophrenia
2: Filter on Medications = Antipsychotics
Where the filtered population shows increased risk or a lack of data for physical measures like BP, BMI and Waist the practice may need to consider their overall management strategies for these patients. The report can be exported to Excel.