The target population are all patients who are not recorded as 'male' without any age or other filter criteria applied. To filter for a specific group of patients, please use the relevant filter such as age or 'active patients'.

Patients with 'other' or no gender entered, will be included in the report to ensure no patient at risk is missed.

The Mammogram tab provides:
Mammogram Last Recorded
A pie chart displays the % of patients with a Mammogram Last Recorded in the following categories:
0-2 years, >2-3 years, >3-4 years,> 4 years, Not Recorded, Ineligible*.

Mammograms for this graph are retrieved from electronic results or manual entry of the correct test name on the results/investigation screen of your clinical system.
Electronic results are sent to GPs who have patients screened at BreastScreen Victoria Clinics since October 2011 and it is hoped other States will follow with this functionality.
* The Mammogram category of 'Ineligible' includes patients that are no longer required to have a Mammogram because they have a coded condition that implies exclusion.

Mammogram Exclusions

Adenocarcinoma - Breast                                    
Breast cancer
Breast carcinoma
Breast carcinosarcoma
Breast removal
Carcinoma - Breast
Carcinosarcoma of the breast
Mastectomy - partial & node biopsy

Radical mastectomy
Radical mastectomy
Signet ring cell carcinoma of breast
Simple mastectomy
Surgery - Mastectomy
Surgery - Radical mastectomy
Surgery - Radical mastectomy
Surgery - Simple mastectomy

If you are not receiving your results electronically, you will have to enter the test results manually using one of the names specified in the mapping guides. Please check the links below for details. Also please note that CAT4 can't pick up a mammogram test from your conditions or past history list - it has to be a test name!

Mammograms for MD Users

Mammogram results are not sent electronically in all states, but if test names are entered manually into the results tab CAT4
will pick up that the test has been done. The following test names are recognised:

  • Breast Mammogram Screening
  • Bilateral Mammography
  • Ultrasound Breast Bilateral
  • Wesley Breast Clinic Consultation Report
  • Mammogram
  • Mammogram-normal
  • Breast Mammography
  • Mammography - Bilateral
  • Mammogram Breastscreen NSW
  • Screening Mammogram - BreastScreen Queensland

To add a test name manually to the Results tab in MD and right click in the results area to bring up the 'Add' option:

Then add one of the test names above and save the result (there has to be some text in the result field but CAT4
will only extract the test name from the 'Subject' field:

MD: General Data Category Mappings MD

Mammogram for BP users

To manually add a mammogram result click on the 'Add' button under the 'Investigation report' tab, then enter one of the test names from above and complete the other fields. CAT4 will only extract the test name and date but no outcome/result.

BP: General Data Category Mappings BP