The MBS Attendance filter allows you to find patients who had a particular MBS item or a group of items claimed (or not claimed) in a specific time period. This filter will be useful to find patients who are in a residential age care facility and you want to exclude them from your CAT4 reports or for example to check for patients who had a GPMP claimed but no review.

There is a video available for this functionality - please see

This filter can be combined with all other filters in CAT4 and can also be used to create custom CAT Plus Promps for Topbar. To find out more about CAT Plus Prompts please go here: CAT PLUS PROMPTS IN CAT4

This filter has a number of option on how to use it. Starting on the top left here are the different elements of the filter that can be combined:

  • Patient with selected MBS Item(s) in Date Range

Default options is "Any" which means refers to the date range below and means that you can search for patients with any item claimed within the date range or patients with no MBS items claimed within the date range. An example would be a search for patients with an item 10990 claimed in the last 6 months, where you would select the "Any" option here, then select the Claim Date Range of 6 months and the MBS Item Number 10990.

The 'None' option can be used to find patients who didn't have any MBS items claimed in a specific date range or ever. This can be combined for example with the Date Range (Visits) Filter to find patients who have visited in the last 12 months but didn't have any Medicare item claimed in that period.

  • Claim Date Range

Here you select the date range of interest, default is 'All' but any specific date range can be selected

  • MBS Item Categories

Some items have multiple MBS items depending on duration of the consult and others like the residential age care facility related MBS items are made up of a group of items. To make it easier to select multiple items we have created the categories. When a MBS item category is selected, all items from that category is included, or when the "No" option is selected, all items from that category are excluded.

MBS Item CategoryMBS Item Details
RACF232, 249,731,741,763, 772, 789, 903, 5010, 5028, 5049, 5067, 5260, 5263, 5265, 5267, 90020, 90035, 90043, 90051, 90092, 90093, 90095, 90096, 90183, 90188, 90202 and 90212
Health Assessment701, 703, 705, 707, 715 also includes item number 10986
GP MH Care Plan2700, 2701, 2715, 2717
Diabetes SIP2517, 2518, 2521, 2522, 2525, 2526, 2620, 2622, 2624, 2631, 2633, 2635
Asthma CoC 2546, 2547, 2552, 2553, 2558, 2559, 2664, 2666, 2668, 2673, 2675, 2677

2100, 2126, 2143, 2195, 2122, 2137, 2147, 2199, 10983, 10984, 82220, 82221, 82222, 82223, 82224, 82225

  • MBS Item Numbers

All MBS items claimed at your practice will be listed here and can be included or excluded by selecting the "No" option.

To apply a MBS Attendance Filter you first select if it is an inclusive or exclusive search, then you can select the date range on the left and then use either the categories like RACF or use individual MBS items.

If you are loading an older extract, this filter will be greyed out and not operational, until you collect a new dataset with the latest version of CAT4.

This filter, in combination with other filters and reports will enable you to find the group of patients of interest and the filter can be used for patient management as well as practice business management.