The 'Risks Factors' Filter allows practices to filter for patients with risk factors: Smoking, Alcohol (Drinker and High Risk), Drug Abuse, Pregnancy and Obesity. In addition it allows filtering for patients with conditions that are associated with an increased risk of pneumococcal for immunisation purposes. The risk factors are defined as:

  • Smoking – daily or irregular smokers
  • Alcohol – drinker: drinks alcohol
  • Alcohol – drinker high risk: 2 or more drinks on a regular occasion or more than 4 drinks on any occasion
  • Medication/Drug abuse – coded diagnosis in patient record 
  • Pneumococcal – has a condition that requires immunisation is up to date – please refer to the page about adult immunisation for full details. This page can be found here: Details of Risk Factor Filter Pneumococcal 
  • Pregnancy – has active pregnancy in clinical record
  • Obesity – BMI of 30 or more

Risk factors filter